Our mission is to provide the highest level of information and professional services for our members and their clients through:

  • Advocacy

To communicate with relevant authorities and others for the advocacy and development of the yacht chartering, locally, regionally and internationally. The political and legal environment at the European level and especially in Greece is complex and multi-faceted.

GYA provides a single platform for the development of joint positions for the companies that it represents. This is where GYA examines specific pieces of legislation and issues , raises industry awareness, and responds to requests for industry input on specific issues the industry may have.

The Association serves as liaison between the industry, government and the public. By coordinating common positions from its members input, the Association acts as a single voice to the EU, national government agencies and regulatory bodies whose regulations and standards impact the yacht charter industry. As the voice of the industry, GYA communicates with all key decision makers . Our voice can only be heard and influential if it represents as many member companies as possible. When any trade association speaks for the majority of the companies in an industry it can truly claim to speak with authority.

  • Communication and Networking Support

To provide a platform for communication and information exchange among yacht charter professionals through the Association's website, facebook page, e-newsletter etc. Stay current on association and industry initiatives with GYA's electronic alerts, updates and newsletters. GYA is the meeting point of the yacht charter industry in Greece. Above all, GYA gives its members the opportunity to expand their business, establish win-win relationships and opportunities with other businesses and develop clients. It is also the place for the exchange of ideas and best practices relevant to the industry.

  • Professional Development

To regularly organize professional development activities tailored specifically for the yacht charter industry such as the Mediterranean Yachts Show, seminars, workshops and related activities, to pursue excellence and professionalism in the practice of yacht chartering administrators.

GYA serves as the source of expertise, knowledge and professional resources for the industry. By providing solutions to members' various concerns and promoting the exchange of information, the Association supports its member companies to succeed in business and protect their investment. Focused on advancing the industry's progress, the Association creates national and regional partnerships encouraging the foundation of new national associations and assisting them to establish and develop.