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Greece is a year round destination for sailing and autumn is perhaps the best time to take advantage of its beauty, especially in the Saronic Gulf, with its calm waters and mild weather conditions. Sheltered by Attica’s mainland, the region is a superb yachting destination, boasting a scattering of picturesque islands as well as coastal attractions.

Why not use our sea map in order to take advantage of the best that the Saronic has to offer, with Athens as your starting point:

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Set your compass straight for Hydra, a jewel in the sparkling Saronic. As you approach this quintessential little Greek island, just one hour away from Athens, you will fall in love with its terracotta-tiled mansions and dwellings which spread amphitheatrically from the harbour and upwards. The picturesque cobbled streets and deep blue waters surrounding this cosmopolitan, car-free haven drew celebrities such as Leonard Cohen, Melina Mercouri and Sophia Loren. On arriving in its scenic port, you will understand why. Quite simply, don’t miss Hydra!

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A cosmopolitan island of stately mansions and pine-clad beaches, yachts can drop anchor in the natural harbour and old port of Baltiza. The island’s traditional boatyards are located at this picture-postcard spot. Don’t miss the Bouboulina's Museum to learn about the female naval commander!

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Easily reached, this historic city sits on the southern Peloponnese coast and is an attractive place to visit because of its UNESCO amphitheatre, where you can literally ‘hear a pin drop’ due to its pristine acoustics. Moor at Palaia Epidavros and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding mountains and the lush greenery. Don’t miss the healing sanctuary of Asclepius!

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Visible from Athens, this once volcanic island lies just 12 nautical miles away. The town has retained its old world charm with quaint narrow alleyways and its lively harbour. South of the island, the old quays of its ancient commercial harbour are still visible under water. Don’t miss a visit to the archaic Temple of Aphaia, with its superb views of the Saronic Gulf.

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To the west of Aegina, this fishing village has a small, deep harbour, making it a perfect mooring spot. A popular spa town due to its hot springs, the landscape is forged from several volcanic eruptions, making it a fascinating destination. Don’t miss a visit to the ruins of an ancient acropolis in Paleokastro village.

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Only 19 nautical miles away from Athens, moor your yacht in azure waters and enjoy the pine-tree bays of this tiny island. A refuge for various species of birds, it is a small paradise in the Saronic Gulf, with a population of less than 1,000 inhabitants. Visit its serene beaches and superb diving spots. Don’t miss the 1812 windmill at Megalochori.

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With an amphitheatre town built on two hills, Poros is a splendid island which was actually two until a volcanic eruption changed its morphology. Crystalline beaches and lush vegetation compete with the picturesque buildings offering a wonderful haven that also has a lot of archaeological interest. Don’t miss the Lemon Forest with more than 30,000 lemon and orange trees!

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Join us for a spectacular event in the historic town of Nafplion. Taking place from April 28 till May 1 2018, the 5th Mediterranean Yacht Show is the perfect opportunity to indulge your love of yachting and to view the crème de la crème of the luxury crewed yachts available for charter in Greece and the region.

7th Mediterranean Yacht Show

The Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS), the largest exhibition of professional crewed yachts in the world, which took place from April 30th to May 4th, 2022, returned to the port of Nafplion more dynamically than ever. After 2 years of absence due to the pandemic and following the highly successful events - including the first international Virtual Yacht Charter Shows, in 2020 and 2021, and the 2021 Roadshow Open Marina Days in the marinas of Athens, the MEDYS returned for the 7th year, highlighting once again the superiority of yachting in Greece.

The Show, had 90 registered yachts with a cumulative length of over 3.4 kilometres (with an additional 20 on a waiting list due to lack of space). The Show was also attended by more than 610 yacht brokers and industry professionals from around the world who had the opportunity to see the yachts available for charter up-close, to get to know their crews and to be informed about the possibilities and options they offer.

Yachting tourism attracts an increasing number of visitors to Greece and MEDYS is the perfect occasion to highlight the region as one of the top yachting destinations globally. The show owes its success to the large number of registered yachts, the great turn-out of industry professionals from all corners of the globe and the contribution of the local CAs. It is organized each year by GYA under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism and with the kind support of the Municipality of Nafplion.