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The essence of summer is hidden on Greece’s untouched, sandy shores, kissed by golden sunlight and embraced by turquoise seas! A collection of pristine beaches, ranging from world-famous to completely undiscovered, await exploration by yacht on an unforgettable journey, with 20 standing out for their absolutely remarkable landscapes.

From breathtaking bays to tiny beaches on uninhabited islets and lagoons with glassy waters, many of these intriguing locales can only be approached by sea, making them especially exclusive. These yachting-friendly destinations were made for moments of sublime relaxation and seaside serenity; here, summertime is endlessly beautiful.

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8th Mediterranean Yacht Show

Having emerged as one of the premier events for industry professionals, the 8th Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS) turned the international spotlight onto Greece once again, as the host of the world’s largest crewed yacht charter show.

It is worth noting that yachts measuring 24 meters and above in length have the right to participate in the exhibition, making the MEDYS the only sector event of similar scope in Greece that is exclusively addressed to the upper segment of luxury yachting. At this year's Show, 92 yachts with a cumulative LOA of 3.5 kilometers were present, with a waiting list (due to limited space in the port of Nafplion) that surpassed the numbers of every previous year. In order to fully grasp the MEDYS’ size, it is worth considering that the number of participating yachts far exceeded that of comparable shows. Confirming the event's success is, among others, the significantly larger presence of industry professionals from all over the world, with more than 750 participants from 31 countries.

Yachting tourism attracts an increasing number of visitors to Greece and MEDYS is the perfect occasion to highlight the region as one of the top yachting destinations globally. The show owes its success to the large number of registered yachts, the great turn-out of industry professionals from all corners of the globe and the contribution of the local CAs. It is organized each year by GYA under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism and with the kind support of the Municipality of Nafplion.